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Mobile App design & web applications Development
Custom Software Development

We design and build software that suits best your business requirements. Whether you are a start-up or large company looking for an app, we have a solution that will help you save money and time.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our mission. We involve the customer in the development process of app to ensure they are happy with every feature of the app.

We use latest technology. Node.js, Angular, core, google’s flutter framework for mobile and latest Microsoft technology stack for our Web applications.

From an idea to a working app, we create high-end mobile apps targeting IOS and Android phones.

We take care of your app prototyping, UX design, development, testing and publishing.

We have created ecommerce apps, payments integration apps, restaurants apps. Our approach to building quality software is through understanding our clients needs, and collaboration through the software development lifecycle. Our experience through different industry makes us stand out amongst the giants, Talk to us   

Mobile Apps Development
Support and Maintenance

We have a dedicated team to support your application, whether we built the solution or not, we provide dedicated software maintenance and support services for 24/7 so that you can focus better on your core business day to day functions. We employ best practice techniques to maximise your programs, increase system productivity and reduce downtime.

To reduce downtime that affects your business operations and better ensure a stable digital environment,our maintenance and support services keep your systems streamlined and stress-free. 


NativeApps was founded by Norbert in 2018 with a group of passionate software developers, we call ourselves, the natives. Why the “natives”? History has taught us that the natives of the land always knew the terrain of their land. They knew where to go and what to avoid, they understood the terrain and survival mechanism, and so do we. We know software internals, the why, how and what.


We have experience building different solutions for different industries. We are a disruptive start-up that questions the why and the how. Our combined experience is over 30 years of skills and knowledge. We partner up with startups or individuals with great ideas that could potentially change how the world thinks and works. 

We believe in creativity, innovation and quality of our work.  We deadline sensitive and pay attention to detail.